Earrings: some tips to choose them ?

During your shopping spree, you buy a lot of things including earrings. But, do you often encounter difficulties related to the shape of the earring to choose? This article will provide you with the solution by giving you some advice on how to choose. Read on to find out more.

Making a choice according to your face

Earrings are accessories that help to sublimate the look. In order to look elegant and stylish, the choice of jewellery such as earrings deserves a good attention. So, the first criterion for a better choice is the shape of your face. Indeed, the shape of your face says a lot about the shape of the earrings that will match you very well. There are however, several face shapes. Among them, we have oval, rectangular, square, round faces, etc. Each face shape has a specific earring shape.

– For a round face, earrings with a long, dangling shape are perfect. They will accentuate the facial features;

– For a square or rectangular face, you can choose softly rounded earrings;

– For an oval face, anything goes. However, when the shape of the oval face seems to be a little elongated, you should avoid earrings that are too long;

– For a heart-shaped face, round and short earrings are best.

It is important to take these details into account in order to always look elegant with earrings.

Choosing according to the hair cut

Choosing an earring based on the shape of the hair is purely a matter of style. Indeed, wearing earrings is a must for those who have high or too short hair. For those with long hair, it is optional.

The colour of the earrings also plays an important role in the look. While some colours have the ability to enhance your beauty, others dull it. Therefore, experiment to see which colours look best on you.