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 Sir Francis Drake
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Spanish Main, Pirate Heaven

The Spanish Main was the name given to the New World land seized by Spain in the late16th century. This territory stretched from northern California to the tip of South America. They contained the treasure of the Aztec and Inca peoples and the silver mines of Peru and ecuador. Plundering this enormous wealth, the Spanish began shipping this fortune through the Caribbean and back across the Atlantic to Spain. The value of the cargo exceeded man's wildest dreams. When Sir Francis Drake raided Nombre de Dios in 1572 he seized 15 tons of gold and thousands of pieces of eight! Not suprisingly, the region was soon swarming with the likes of Blackbeard, Captain Kidd and a host of many other notorious pirates.

Pirate History
Over taken by the Spanish, subjects of Prince Atahualpa bring the wealth of Peru in ransom for their master.

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The New World, Spanish Empire

  In 1519 Hernan Cortes landed in Mexico with 600 soldiers and 16 horses. The native inhabitants were no match for the invaders, who were tough, professional solders, armed with muskets, swords, and crossbows. They swept aside all opposition and marched into the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan. Cortes took the emperor Montezuma hostage and ransacked the great city of its fabulous treasure. During the next three years he effectively destroyed the Aztec empire and gave Spain access to a source of unimaginable wealth.

Spanish History
Spanish cruelty to the Indians led to equally savage reprisals. Here Indians pour molten gold into the mouth of a Spaniard, an ironic comment on the newcomers' hunger for wealth.

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